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Solar Products, Inc. provides expertly engineered industrial heaters for a variety of industrial applications. From thermoforming to powder coating, from automotive fiberglass to electronic components, we have the perfect infrared heating solution to satisfy the unique requirements of your business.


Solar Products specializes in producing industrial infrared heating solutions for thermoforming applications – including sheet-fed, roll-fed and rotary.

Paint and Powder Coating Industries

Solar Products is a leading supplier of infrared heaters for the premium paint and powder coating industry. From commercial painting applications to industrial powder coating services, our infrared heaters are the most effective solution on the market – guaranteed.

Screen Printing

Our infrared heating solutions are used in flash units and dryers for efficient screen printing operations.


We manufacture the perfect infrared heating solutions for custom electronics manufacturers working with solder reflow and wave solder applications.

Semiconductor Industries

We possess decades of leading experience providing infrared heating solutions to the precision electronics sector, including semiconductor industries. If you need the most reliable and efficient infrared heating solution on the market for your semiconductor manufacturing business, look no further than Solar Products.

Curing and Drying

Our premium industrial infrared heaters offer the utmost in efficiency for any commercial curing and drying application.

Glass Tempering and Bending

We manufacture high-performance infrared heaters for demanding industrial applications such as glass tempering, bending and other glass production processes.

Automotive Fiberglass

Manufacturing and curing automotive fiberglass is a highly specialized process that requires precision infrared heating solutions. We have ample experience in producing custom infrared heaters for automotive fiberglass suppliers around the world.

Hose and Tubing

Our industrial infrared heaters are perfect for hose and tube manufacturers who require the most efficient infrared heaters on the market to produce their custom hoses and tubing products.


Our custom infrared heaters are perfect for carpeting businesses requiring the most reliable and efficient heating solution possible for commercial carpet applications.

Wire and Cable

From custom wiring harnesses to cabling solutions, electronics manufacturers around the world use our infrared heaters for efficiently producing their commercial wiring and cabling products.


The infrared heaters produced by Solar Products are the perfect heating solution for foil manufacturers and industrial suppliers.


Our line of premium infrared heaters include precision units that are utilized in a multitude of certified medical applications.


We manufacture specialty infrared heating solutions for composite production, allowing for precision thermosetting of commercial and industrial plastics.


We manufacture efficient infrared heaters for industrial and commercial printing applications where a pristine ink-curing process is required.

General Manufacturing

Our premium infrared heaters are utilized in a myriad of manufacturing applications including paper, textile and wood suppliers.